Make the symbol of your home
a part of your home for generations

Jewish weddings are full of symbols – the breaking of the glass, the wine, the kallah circling the chatan seven times, the chuppah. Give special meaning to one of these symbols by making it an integral part of your home. Turn your chuppah into a quilt that your family can treasure for generations.

The chuppah has its origins in the desert tent of Abraham and Sarah – open on all four sides so all would know they were welcome.

On your wedding day, the chuppah is your symbolic home. It represents the home that you, standing underneath it, will build and share together. Though the chuppah is a fragile and temporary structure, it serves as a reminder that it is the love and commitment of the bride and groom for each other and their family that inspires and strengthens a marriage. Your chuppah can become part of the home you build around your new life together.

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